Picasso at the Lapin Agile  (University of Washington)

“…Phil Kruse is one of the most brilliant young actors I have seen in a long time. His generosity on stage and how he never comes into a scene until needed yet manages to make every actor around him even stronger with his mere presence and subtle support are quite remarkable, and something I wish more actors would remember. His chemistry with Robert Bergin was by far the best thing in the UW’s production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle earlier this year, and in this production the pairing of his Einstein with Mr. Bergin’s Picasso is truly inspired. He brings the best out of Mr. Bergin and everyone around him and by himself hides the weaknesses in the production…”

~Omar Willey, Seattlest 2011

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Emma (University of Washington)

“…Phil Kruse continues to light up every stage with his vitality and wit…  Kruse and Bergin both have an unparalleled gift of keeping the flow of attention on stage moving and share it so naturally that it seems what happens on stage could not possibly have been any other way. It is remarkable for such young actors and extremely refreshing…”

~Omar Willey, Seattle Star 2012

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What the Butler Saw (6th@Penn Theatre)

“…Kruse as Beckett is male-model pretty in y-fronts, but seems to have been on his way to somewhere more interesting when he wandered into this play, a destination still uppermost in his mind as he patiently waits for the thing to be over…”

~Abbie Padgett, San Diego Arts 2006

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