HEIGHT:  6’2”

WEIGHT:  180

HAIR:  Brown

EYES:  Hazel



Compas *                            Lead                         Peach Dark Productions

Alpas                                 Supporting                   AFI

Honest Gabe                      Lead                             AFI

BBQ                                    Lead                             AFI

Home                                   Lead                           AFI

Action Kids                         Lead                            AFI

Brother                                 Lead                           AFI

Whispering Woods              Supporting                 AFI

Paternity                              Lead                           AFI

Craving Company                 Lead                      Ally Zonsius

Dolci                                    Supporting         Paula Bennett

Roll Over Play Dead            Supporting            Pastiche Studios

The Perfect Frame              Lead              San Diego State University


90210                                 Co-Star                       CW

The New Normal              Co-Star                          NBC

Bite Me                          Series Regular           Machinima/FearNet/Jarrett Conaway

Zen City (pilot)                    Series Regular                          Sadis Filmworks

Three of a Kind (pilot)        Series Regular                     San Diego State University


San Diego HDTV Promo (local San Diego)      Stunts        SDHD Media Group



Into Macdream                            Ferdinand/Princes                    Equine Del Arte

Emma                                            Frank Churchill                    Dir.  Victor Pappas

A Little Princess              Capt. Crewe/DuFrage/Barrow           Book-It Repertory Theatre

Harp Song for a Radical                  E. Debs/ W. Guthrie            University of Washington

A Winter’s Tale                                 Clown                                           Island Stage Left

Picasso at the Lapin Agile             Albert Einstein                     Penthouse Theatre, UW

Caucasian Chalk Circle                  Shauva/Various                   Jones Playhouse, UW

The Last Witch                                 Douglas Begg                       Jones Playhouse, UW

Udubbers Night’s Dream                 Puck                        Cornerstone Theatre Company

Waiting For Lefty                             Agate Keller                            Dir.   Andrew Tsao

Victoria Station/Family Voices          Driver/Voice 1               University of Washington

Mystery Plays                                   Ben/Elliott                       University of Washington

Hotel Cassiopeia *                          Joseph                              San Diego State University

Romeo & Juliet *                           Tybalt/Paris                     San Diego State University

Desire Under The Elms *              Peter/Blues Man              Dir.  Randy Reinholz

The Jungle Book *                        Shere Kahn                        San Diego State University

The Grapes of Wrath                      Al  Joad                            San Diego State University

Conversations with the Moon      Ensemble Cast              Various Mexico City Venues

New World Jukebox         Ensemble Cast      Grahamstown Arts Festival, South Africa 

What the Butler Saw                    Nicholas Beckett                  6th @ Penn Theatre

Cowboy Mouth                              Slim                                  San Diego State University

Alice in Wonderland                   Kings, Dodo Bird             San Diego State University

Bang Bang You’re Dead (Touring Show)      Josh                Northern California Schools

Peter Pan                                          Curly                         Mountain Actors Conservatory



Stan Kirsch Studios        Ongoing Classes

Groundlings          Intermediate Improv

Leslie Khan Comedy Intensive     w Leslie Khan

Aaron Speiser          Private Coaching

MFA Professional Actor Training Program      University of Washington,  Seattle

Jon Jory…………..Acting Studio, Technique

Andrew Tsao……..Film, Acting, Shakespeare

Mark Jenkins…….Stanislovsky, Acting Studio

Cathy Madden……Alexander Technique

Judith Shahn……..Voice, Speech

Scott Hafso………..Singing, Speech

Jeffrey Frace……….Suzuki, Viewpoints, Composition

Geof Alm……………Combat

(Unarmed, Rapier/Dagger, Broadsword)

Jane Nichols……….Clown

BA Theatre                         San Diego State University                   San Diego, CA

Summer Acting Program                        Cal Arts                                 Valencia, CA



Dialects/Accents:  RP, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Australian, Southern American, Brooklyn.

Music: Guitar (acoustic & electric), Trumpet, Banjo, Jimbay.

Athletic: sing, dance, soccer, baseball, basketball, skiing, motorcycles and motocross.

Combat Certification: Rapier/Dagger, Broadsword, Unarmed.


*Compas was Directed by Phil Kruse, and An original Musical Score by Phil Kruse.

*BEST ACTOR for performance SDSU 2007 – 2008 season.

*BEST ACTOR for performance SDSU 2008 – 2009 season.

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  1. Saw you on the show tonight! Congrats from Randy and me!

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