Phil Kruse & the TBDs Tonight!

Well, after a long hiatus, Phil Kruse & the TBDs are back!! The destruction of the House of Blues on Sunset was devastating (may she rest in peace’s, and may a piece of her rest in all of us, and rest-assured the hotel that’s going up there will be haunted by the restless demons of Rock!) But never fear, we will now perform at an awesome new venue in town called the NUE STUDIO & CAFE!

I will be performing an acoustic set TONIGHT Feb. 3rd from 8-10pm

Nue Studio & Cafe  @  5156 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA, 90038

Stop by if you can! I may be joined onstage tonight with Steve Grey (bass), and Aaron Arnold (percussion)

Phil Kruse's photo.Phil_6-4-15_028 copy


sSISTERSs – A new musical by Gina Young

There can only be three sisters. If a new baby is born, we have to kill it.
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a new musical by gina young
May 22, 23 + 24 at Highways Performance Space

Three sisters. Possibly witches. One drawing room. Dark songs. Flashes on an infinite number of life events, both monumental and insignificant. sSISTERSs is a new full-length play with live music and three-part vocal harmony. In rapid-fire stream of consciousness text, the three sisters take on countless famous triads, including Chekhov’s Masha, Irina and Olga; the three main Native American crops (squash, maize and beans); the Catholic Holy Trinity and the First, Second and Third Waves of American feminism. Through warped children’s games, songs and secret girlhood rituals, the sisters explore memory, family, mortality, the repression of female sexuality and the historical and stereotypical roles of privileged women in America.

Victoria Hogan
Jane Kim
Justine Woodford
Arne Gjelten
Phil Kruse
Helen Wong

with musicians
Jess Imme from Professor Possessor
+ Paco from Sweet Bump It

costume design Shayne Eastin
production design Laura Ochoa
lighting design Colin Postley
graphic design Sarah Gottesdiener
photography Moira Morel
dramaturg Lisa Sloan

Beautiful video from the sSISTERSs benefit performance with choreography by Melissa Schade here. Reply to this email with your mailing address and we’ll send you a sSISTERSs postcard!
Copyright © 2015 Gina Young, All rights reserved.
Gina Young is a writer, director and performer based in Los Angeles. Either we’re friends, you signed up for my mailing list at some point, or you expressed interest in hearing about my work, be it future performances, auditions, or other good stuff. I only send about one email a month. Thanks for your support.

Our mailing address is:

Gina Young

The Arts District

Los Angeles, CA 90013


ACTION KIDS Short Film is now available to watch at

Phil Kruse cast as the Lead in INSTANT DISASSEMBLY

Phil Kruse begins shooting on the Set of INSTANT DISASSEMBLY, an AFI short film directed by Evan Bluestein. Kruse is cast as the lead role of Ray. Production is set to be finished in late March.


Phil Kruse with the cast of Instant Disassembly

Instant Dissassembly Cast

Phil Kruse wraps shooting on SIDE BY SIDE

Phil Kruse wraps filming on the set of SIDE BY SIDE, and AFI short film directed by Santiago Paladines. Film should Premier and by available for viewing by early March 2015.


Day 2 Shooting SIDE BY SIDE

Just wrapped the second to last day of shooting SIDE BY SIDE, a short film for AFI. I laughed, I cried, i smoked a bunch of herbal cigarettes I though were going to be Marlboro Reds, and ate about 7 frozen burritos…

Fantastic view of the city though!

2015-02-14 16.42.31

Shooting Wraps for ‘Action Kids’

Shooting Just wrapped on the set of Action Kids

Premier date is set for Mid-February.

2015-01-26 17.19.26 2015-01-30 15.57.03

Phil Kruse cast as the Lead in “Action Kids” Movie

Phil Kruse will start filming on and AFI short film called “Action Kids” in January 2015.

Phil Kruse @ Mid City Music Lounge

This Saturday Dec. 6th 2014 Phil Kruse will Perform live at the Mid City Music Lounge in Los Angeles.

With roots in Blues and Folk, Kruse will play a wide variety of Original Songs and Covers.

Show Starts @ 8:45pm

$10 cover at the door

Phil Mid City 2

Phil Kruse & The TBD’s Play House of Blues Nov. 16, 2014

Phil Kruse & the TBD's HOB 11:16